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Deborah’s Suzuki Book 4 Graduation Celebration

As a teacher I’m always looking for ways to motivate my students to review their old repertoire. Lately I have been offering to my students the “Suzuki Book Graduation Party Challenge”. It is well documented in the teaching community that I have serious skills in the kitchen.┬áTo my violin students I pose this challenge: If … Continue reading

Eden’s Book 1 Recital / Celebration

As a proud Suzuki Method trained violin teacher, I find a lot of value in reviewing old repertoire and keeping a lot of songs “under one’s fingers”. Convincing students of this is not always easy. To encourage my students to review, I offer what I like to call the “Suzuki Book Graduation Party Challenge”. A … Continue reading

Maui Spring Recital 2011

When I first started flying to Maui to teach in 2002, there were very few, violin students on the island. In fact, I was talking with some of the parents about this the other day, most had never even seen a violin in real life before, much less considered the idea that they might actually … Continue reading