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Duane’s New Cyberspace Concert Series “Duane’s Desktop Jam Sessions”

Today marks the launch of a new cyberspace concert series called “Desktop Jam Sessions”.  For my friends who don’t have a chance to get down to some of my regular gigs and performances, I plan to post weekly on youtube  short videos of myself performing some of my favorite tunes in very informal settings. This first one was recorded in my office at Punahou Music School.  As i get more ambitions, I might try to make some short videos in “street performance settings” around my neighborhood. Living in Hawaii, you might catch a video or two of me playing by the beach or in a tropical rainforest. We’ll see how adventurous I get. Its all a work in progress.The two videos are already up on youtube. the first is a fun rendition of that old jazz standard “Out of Nowhere”.


The second is a lyrical rendition of the old german tune “Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schon”.


Enjoy! and please forward the link to anyone you think might like it!



About Duane's Blogs

Duane Padilla is a multi disciplinary artist who enlighten's the world through the performing, visual, and culinary arts.


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